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A Cost-Effective Anesthesia Machine

The DVMPro Fortify offers users cost-effective and dependable anesthesia monitoring.

With its modular design, touch screen interface, and integrated breathing circuit

system, the DVMPro Fortify is a powerful addition to any veterinary practice. 

Physical Features

Spacious Drawer

Easy-View Touch Screen

Sturdy Work Bench

Trustworthy Design

The DVMPro Fortify offers comprehensive monitoring, multi-selectable displays,
4 waveforms, anesthesia gas monitoring, and big font display. These features
coupled with its ventilation specifications make the Fortify one of the most-
used and cost-effective anesthesia machines on the market.

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Ventilation Features

Military Quality Drager Vaporizer

Mechanical Flowmeters

One-hand Installation CO2 Absorber Canister