DVMPro Fortify Plus Anesthesia Machine


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Product Information

The Fortify Plus provides users cost-effective and dependable anesthesia monitoring, now with more flowmeters and vaporizers. This anesthesia machine offers a 10.4″ touch screen interface, side rails for optimal handling, an integrated breathing circuit system and a modular design, making it a capable addition to any veterinary practice. Additionally, the DVMPro Fortify Plus is equipped with multiple display options, four mechanical flow meter tubes and two military grade vaporizers that further enhance monitoring performance. Coupled with various ventilation modes and AGSS for effective removal of anesthesia gas, these features make the Fortify one of the most-used and cost-effective anesthesia machines on the market. With a complete and trustworthy design, the Fortify Plus Anesthesia Machine is the solution for your monitoring needs.


  • 10.4” Touch screen
  • 4 mechanical flow meter tubes
  • 2 military vaporizers
  • Touch control screen design
  • 1500ml ascending bellows
  • Integrated breathing circuit system
  • Precise and reliable ventilator
  • Built-in flow sensors
  • Optional Anesthetic gas and CO2 measurement
  • Side and top rails for other equipment installation
  • Modular design
  • Workbench
  • One-hand installation CO2 absorber canister
  • AGSS, effective removal of anesthesia gas
  • Storage Drawer


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